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Are You Looking For Some Saxophone Music to Learn & Play?

Below is a selection of saxophone songs which feature classic melodies of popular songs that are perfect to play on your saxophone. Whether you need alto sax sheet music or tenor sax sheet music you’ll get it, along with the play along sax tracks to back you up making it that much more fun to practice and learn all this great saxophone sheet music.

Did you know… practicing with a backing track is the best way to really learn a song and will help you improve your musicianship too.

Regardless of the type of saxophone you’re playing, all the saxophone songs listed below include not only the play-along backing tracks to make the entire process of learning the song easier and way more fun, but the download also includes the alto sax sheet music, which is in E flat, therefore is good for the baritone sax as well.

If you choose to download the tenor sax sheet music it will be good for the soprano sax as well because these two saxophones are both in B flat. What if you play an E flat and a B flat sax? Just download both charts which are included on the same download page and you’re covered for whichever horn you want to play the song on.

*Note – as a special introduction offer you can download “Tequila” and “Night Train” for free - find their links directly below under the “Rock, Pop, Blues & Rythme” section. These free downloads include both tenor and alto sax sheet music plus the  audio mp3 backing track just like the paid song selections. Hey… the first two are free!

It’s That Time of Year Again!



3 song series download available now:

1. Jingle Bell Rock
2. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree
3. White Christmas

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The Christmas Song

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Silver Bells

Click here for Silver Bells

Jingle Bells

Click here for Jingle Bells


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Greensleeves | Amazing Grace | Can’t Help Falling In Love | Over The Rainbow


Greensleeves-smGreensleeves is an old English folk song that dates way back to the late 1500’s and is still being performed and recorded today by many musicians. It’s a true standard and a good one to have in your repertoire.

Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace is an old English hymn that is possibly one of the most recognizable melodies in the English-speaking world and is still sung and recorded by many musicians today. A classic and standard in every sense of the word!

Can’t Help Falling in Love

Can't Help Falling In LoveCan’t Help Falling in Love was a monster hit by the one and only Elvis Presley. It has a beautiful melody and should be as easy to play than many beginner’s exercises you may be already playing.

Over the Rainbow


Many probably heard this for the first time in The Wizard of Oz, sung by Judy Garland. Recorded by many musicians as diverse as jazz tenor saxophonist Ben Webster to blues rock guitarist Eric Clapton and original piano rocker Jerry Lee Lewis. A true classic and standard which should be in every saxophonist’s repertoire.


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tequila backing tracks pic

The original version of Tequila as recorded by The Champs featuring Chuck Rio on tenor sax. A true saxophone classic!


Night Train


This is one of the first early rock and roll classics for the saxophone. This Night Train backing track is similar to the one recorded by King Curtis on tenor sax. Done by many other artists including James Brown.


Ain’t No Sunshine

ain't no sunshine

Written and recorded by Bill Withers. This was a huge hit from the 70′s and is still very popular today because it’s such a great tune! It’s one of those few that can cross multiple musical genres like blues, soul, funk, R & B and pop.

Use Me


Written and recorded by Bill Withers. Use Me was a huge hit from in the early 70′s and is still very popular today because it’s such a great tune! It’s one of those few that can cross multiple musical genres like blues, soul, funk, R & B and pop.

Us and Them


This Us and Them backing track is similar to the original Pink Floyd version of the instrumental part which features the saxophone solo. Check out the video to hear Johnny’s full and extended arrangement of it.

Take Five


A unique and rare jazz hit that enjoyed mainstream radio play in it’s day when it came out in 1966. Written by Paul Desmond and recorded by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. It’s in 5/4 time, hence the name Take Five. Although it has a jazz feel, the soloing is all blues, staying on one chord, using a very simple and typical blues scale which is also included in the download.



The brothers Santo and Johnny Farina wrote this beautiful tune for Santo’s steel guitar but it’s really well suited for the saxophone as well! It’s a melody that is popular, soulful, bluesy and a lot of fun to play!

Killing Me Softly


A classic song with a melody that’s beautiful and expressive and so very well suited for the saxophone! Another one of those classic melodies and feel that’s popular, soulful, bluesy and very satisfying to play. The backing track was inspired from the original Roberta Flack version… check it out!

Samba Pa Ti


From the Abraxas album, one of Carlos Santana’s most beautiful melodies that works for both guitar and saxophone. Samba Pa Ti, meaning Samba For You, is a beautiful simple melody played over a slow samba-like feel that goes off into a double-time feel for the solo section.

Yakety Sax


One of the most famous sax tunes of all time which every sax player should know! Not music for the total beginner but if you have a good grasp on scales and arpeggios you can learn this tune. First one note at a time, then one bar at a time, then one phrase at a time… then you got it!

Peter Gunn


Probably the coolest TV theme of all time – especially if you’re a sax fan! Originally written by Henri Mancini for the Peter Gunn TV show. This is NOT like Mancini’s version, this version got it’s inspiration from the one recorded by 50′s rock & roll guitarist Duane Eddy with Steve Douglas on tenor sax. This is rock & roll sax… dirty and growly.

Pick Up The Pieces


was the first and biggest hit from the Average White Band’s debut album from 1974. A Scottish band that had a great blend of soul and funk. Pick Up The Pieces became one of disco’s biggest hits and is a great sax instrumental that everyone recognizes, is fun to play and has a brilliant sax solo… all written out here for you to learn!

Honky Tonk


This was first heard in 1956, a classic blues saxophone tune made famous by Bill Doggett featuring the great and soulful playing of Clifford Scott on tenor saxophone. Your chance to nail some truly classic blues and rock sax licks with this one!

Hot Rod Special


A rockin’ instrumental that was recorded by Lee Allen, one of the most popular early rock & roll sax players. This is a real gem, an early rock classic melodic tune that jumps with a big swingin’ rock & roll beat!

Watermelon Man

Water Melon Man

Composed by Herbie Hancock and first released on his debut solo album in 1962. This was one of those rare jazz tunes that was so catchy it made the pop charts, first Herbie’s version and the next year again with a latin version by Mongo Santamaria. Another very cool version from 1962 was by King Curtis, which was the inspiration for the backing track version that you can download here.

Careless Whisper

careless-whisper-saxCo-written by George Michael and features one of pop’s most famous alto sax lines. But no matter which saxophone you want to play Careless Whisper on, this arrangement is complete and laid out for you and your sax. Includes a solo section too.

Baker Street

Baker-Street-saxGreat song by Gerry Rafferty but there’s no denying that when they added the sax line it went to a whole new level. In this version the music is written to be played on the saxophone for the entire arrangement, including the awesome guitar solo (almost note-for-note to make it perfectly suited for sax).

I Was Made To Love Her

kingcurtis-tenor1967 Motown classic originally done by Stevie Wonder. This version is like the King Curtis instrumental recording which also came out in the same year. Has the addition of a horn section as did the Curtis version and added melodic variations for the saxophone.

Harlem Nocturne

johnny-black&whiteRecorded by so many people since it was written in 1939. One of the most popular versions was by the early rock instrumental group The Viscounts who originally released this tune in 1959 and then again in 1966. Although this arrangement and key is different from The Viscounts, the groove and feel is very close to their original recording.

What Does It Take

JrWalkerA big hit song from Motown’s most famous saxophone player Junior Walker. What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) has been recorded by many artists over the years and this backing track was done to be close to Jr. Walker and the Allstars original hit version from the late 1960′s


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Fly Me To The Moon

fly-meThis version was inspired by the one and only Frank Sinatra’s recording which had The Count Basie Orchestra playing the charts arranged by Quincy Jones – wow, how could he lose? A true American classic and one every musician should know.

What a Wonderful World

What-A-Wonderful-WorldAlthough many have recorded it, the most famous recording of What a wonderful World was the Louis Armstrong version. A song with great lyrics but the melody is so pretty and memorable that it makes for a great instrumental as well… especially on the sax!

Mack The Knife

macktheknifeThe most popular and famous recording of Mack The Knife was Bobby Darin’s. This backing track was totally inspired by this recording and the arrangement was done to sound as close as possible to this awesome version done back in the late 50′s.

In The Mood

in-the-moodThe most popular and famous recording of In The Mood was Glen Miller’s. Although he can’t take credit for the writing or arrangement of it his was the one that made it popular worldwide.This backing track was totally inspired by this recording from 1939.


sax love songs


1. And I Love Her
2. Crying
3. Unchained Melody
4. Just The Way You Are

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1950 rock-and-roll

50's rockandroll1. Rock Around the Clock
2. Sea Cruise
3. Red River Rock
4. Johnny B. Goode

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beatles1. Yesterday
2. I Feel Fine
3. Something
4. A Day in the Life

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