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“Use Me”
Saxophone Music and Backing Track

(Bill Withers)

Watch video to hear Johnny’s instrumental sax version:

use-meUse Me Saxophone Music

Use Me was a huge hit that came out in 1972, a year after Wither’s hit “Ain’t No Sunshine“. Written and sung by Bill Withers, the song is still very popular today because it’s such a great tune! Use Me is another one of those few songs that can cross musical genres like blues, soul, funk, R & B and pop.

It a great fit to play as an instrumental because the melody is very heartfelt and soulful and lends itself so well to the saxophone.

The Use Me saxophone music and backing track available for download here is the same one used in the video. There are 2 versions of sheet music with this download, the regular version which is basically note for not played by Johnny Ferreira in the video recording, and a 2nd version which is a simplified arrangement that is easier to read and play for beginners. You can of course download both versions if you like.

You’ll have 2 choices of music sheets when on the download page; a version which has the notation of the way it is played note-for-note on the video, and a simplified version which carries the main melody but doesn’t have every note as is played in the video. This simplified version makes it very easy to read. You can download both versions.

This Download Includes the Use Me Saxophone Music plus Backing Audio Tracks 

  • same tracks as in the music video above (without sax)
  • music sheet includes all the notes as played by Johnny
  • 2nd easier version
  • high quality MP3 files (192 kbps) for Bb and Eb saxes
  • chart prints as full size music sheet

Song Key

This music chart is in the key of E minor concert.
That means Bb saxophones are in F# minor and Eb saxophones are in C# minor.

Download This Song

To download this Use Me saxophone music and play-along backing track click the button below. After payment you will receive an email with your special download link and other information regarding your purchase.

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If you have any questions, concerns, or problems with this download just post me a message in the forum:
thanks, now download the song and have fun!
rock on,
Johnny Ferreira