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    Took a minute to make a comment- Over the last few weeks I made it a point to do at least 5-10min of learning the overtones (on about 6 practices), and I’m able to get 1,2,3 an occasional 4, 5(but only a few, more by luck that they came out) then it’s as if my reed shifts gears and out pops 6,7,8. Those are at least on the low Bb some of the easier ones to get to come out. Even on the Bb (I’m on my Alto) the first overtone is very difficult to get to clear up- it’s usually a mixture of the low Bb and the overtone giving this mysterious “dual-note” sound.
    Yeah I jumped ahead to some of the altissimo fingerings before getting the overtones solid for curiosity sake, and alot of the notes are coming out. The A, Bb, B being the easier ones. I have only hit the G with Johnnies fingering a few times for a brief passing moment then it disappears.
    I do only have a size 2 reed that I’m working with thus far, and will order some 2-1/2’s and 3’s to experiment with. I think my time on the 2’s is passing and it’s getting where they feel a bit soft and can “shut off” on me when I want to really push a low note.
    Well back to work…



    @kevin – well done, to play an altissimo G briefly you’ve mastered 2 out of 3 things

    1 – you know the fingering
    2 – you’ve now got the correct embouchure

    3 – you now need to get your breathing under controll to properly support the note – until then most of the higher altissimo notes will also fizzle out likewise.

    try overfilling your stomach with a lot more air, release and you should start to make the sound last longer. Otherwise keep at the higher overtones and try and play each one for a count of 4


    jak Swift

    I reckon I’ll give the altissimo course a blast. Over years on different horns the fingerings change. Should have the new tenorsax in 10 days or so. Altissimo is not my weak point persay ; just be nice to have a definitive fingering. Up to now….trial and error; another guy will show you his way. It really depends on having a tight horn, but yeah let’s get the horn and I’m in !!! Jak


    jak Swift

    Haven’t been here for a while. Finally found a chart that is clear, concise and works. Of Im fitting altissimo \ overtones in each day. Possibly too much but I’ve been concerned about my 10M. Its underslung, ( ts ); seems to be functioning fine in that the 8 ve pips are working in synch. Fork E , F …etc. Nothing. Nada. ZILCH !!
    Having to use my second tenor. Its nothing great, but those fork fingerings just pop out. Another trip to the tech, I guess. I’m just bemused. One day fine, one day gone. At least I can verify, its not my chops. Its just a nuisance…two tenors, one case. Which do I take to rehearsal. Kinda rhetoric, the one that works for now. Rough round the edges, but a great sound..!!
    Thank goodness for bari. Altissimo on bari is effortless, a pleasure. I don’t bother much. I should but I want a full chromatic run ( altissimo ) on tenor first.
    If any techs see this and could shed any light on the underslung business, I’d be really grateful.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)

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