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    Looks pretty good that one, I told you a while back I got the saxlab one,
    no more neck pain whatsoever with, it really delighted I bought it.
    I suffer from cervical spondylosis and playing the sax was really making
    the pain worse so I bought the Saxlab harness, best thing I could have done.
    One thing I would say Mel is with this particular one you have to be careful
    that it does not slip off the shoulders when you move or bend a little, it can
    be a problem I have made a little clip to keep it in place, otherwise it has made
    playing a pleasure for me, can play/ practice for hours and no pain. Good luck
    with it.


    looks interesting….so the weight is primarily on your shoulders rather than back of your neck it looks like. let us know how it works out!



    Oom Kaas from the turkey strap factory has something to say about the price.

    Oom Kaas



    Yea Johnny that’s correct, all the weight is on the shoulders not the neck like I said The saxlab one could do with upgrading
    regarding the problem of slipping off the shoulders especially for player like you who moves around on stage a lot.
    Otherwise it is brilliant piece of kit?



    Here’s the picture of my low-cost solution for solving neck pain and headaches.
    It cost me less than $2 to buy the belt, metal fastener and plastic snap-fastener.
    Sewing the belt together by hand, and assembly took me less than an hour in total.
    I use it for the Alto and I’m very comfortable whilst wearing it.

    Budget Saxophone Strap

    The links for the images don’t work on this forum anymore!



    This is the strap I am currently using. It puts all the weight on the shoulders and no strain on the neck.


    The reason I bought the one from the Boston Sax Shop is that the weight is also on the shoulders but there is no strap across the front of your body. That’s a nice strap Jeff. I am looking for complete comfort and freedom.

    Pete – I am glad the Saxlab works great for you. It has good reviews.



    That is the reason I like the one I have and the one you have ordered it does away with the front strap,
    more freedom and comfort.



    this is similar in design to the strap i use

    Oom Kaas would approve with this strap,
    Oom Kaas’s strap works just as well,
    Oom Kaas however with the money he saved on his
    strap, went on cruise around the west indies.

    No seriously, the strap is an important accessory
    to avoid getting an aching neck, especially if you
    want to play for longer periods.

    One website i found, said if you use a metal hook,
    to oil it, otherwise it will wear a notch in the key hole,
    then in the next breath they were advertising lubricating oil.


    brother cavefish

    have you tried the gel back ones,



    I use metal hooks. I put a wrap of black electrical tape on it then I heat a small piece of black shrink tube over that. That still wears thru but I just repeat the process wear it wears down.



    Hi Mel, that’s interesting as that Neotech strap is basically the same design as mine, just with added shoulder pads. Where’s the copyright on my design? – LOL
    I’ve added velcro to the loose strap ends as they rarely need adjusting. Having the catch free to move around gives one plenty of freedom when playing. I have also slid shrink sleeving over the inside hook part of metal clasp, to buffer any friction on the sax ring. It’s been on for over a year and still looks good. The fancy straps are good looking, but when being on a low budget, one can always ‘make a plan’.

    Now when are we going to hear some more recordings from our other members?



    I have a guitar and the straps on guitars are really comfortable,
    most guitar straps are very wide and only rest on one shoulder, no
    neck ache what so ever. I don’t understand why they don’t use a lot wider straps on saxophones, as wider straps distribute the weight over a larger area and is less painfull, whereas thin straps put the more pressure on a smaller area of flesh.

    It’s the same problem with weighty shopping bags, thin handles dig into your hands, whereas wider handles don’t.


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