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    Cheers Jak, my backs a lot better now, only twinges if i sit down too long, then it only hurts when i stand up, or suddenly turn around. So i’m ok for standing up and playing the sax and walking about. Compared to Saturday, i was practically looking at the ground while walking.

    Great to hear your 10M is in working order! Crack on with Allard.
    I started working on exercises in a music book called “Saxophone Aerobics by Woody Mankowski” … talk about difficult, you get one new line of music per day for 52 weeks to practice. But thats the only way to progress..


    jak Swift

    Sxpoet, good to hear your on the mend man. Right, just got back from another check on my arm; I can’t believe its more than a year since the ” accident “.
    Good days and more painful days. It is what it is and hey, I’m playing !!
    So 10M time, let’s see what the altissimo is saying today…..have a safe & happy one folks….😉


    jak Swift

    Yup, altissimo is good. I’m gonna have to put in the work on my ” music room “. Nothing g extravagant; plasma screen for dots, big speakers !! All linked up to this pad right now.
    I spent a good few $$ on a real nice Sony soundbar. Its only small, but heavy…. Big sound.
    The real issue is putting up a ” dead corner “. Some baffles to soak up the sound. Watching James Carter has made me want to get into my Lawton….but man, it is LOUD !!
    Yeah, thanks Jeff, those JC ( No not that one !! )..clips were unreal. At 9.30 am I had my ” blues sheets ” out and my Abersold ” blues in every key “….essential.
    They are pretty tough blues also. Even if you play the root note each bar to begin, followed by the arpeggios….
    Anyhow, that’s Johnny’s course; not for me to comment on my way. Just a ” heads up “….
    ABERSOLD….Blues in all keys !!😉

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 15 (of 15 total)

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