jak Swift

  • I lost my ” Voodoo Lounge ” T a few years back…grrr😡😡

  • Johnny, thats so right…..
    I can imagine Sonny’s deadpan delivery…
    Just watched the Chet Baker bio pic…
    ” Moving “…. I’ll leave it right there until maybe some of you guys get to see it …
    Been a long week….
    Seriously Johnny …
    Thanks man…..
    Let’s keep this site the best show in town….☺☺

  • The ” Cannonball ” band ??
    Are they endorsed by the company….
    Or is it just a name ?
    Ho hum….
    Not important….☺

  • I don’t know, after Bobby Keys, Ernie Watts did a lot , but on occasion ….
    I mean Josh Redman is a great player, but not , I would have thought the obvious choice…
    I think Charlie Watts love of jazz may have something to do with it.
    I don’t know if its true, but apparently they asked Lee Allen to come out of semi retirement to tour.
    Mr Allen…[Read more]

  • Thanks Mel, just taking a break, I’ll catch this on the sound bar tonight.
    Its one of my favourite Stones songs…
    I even remember the cheesy video…
    Sitting on the stoop , they pass by one by one and greet each other like long lost friends….☺☺.
    As for Josh Redman….
    I’m not much of a ” jazzer “….
    It was great watching those Movie sho…[Read more]

  • Back to the Medeleys William…..
    I’m just doing one of mine….
    Emily ….Zoot ( off of Zoot plays Johnny Mandel )
    Stardust…..( that’s just a real nice easy going ballad for a Sunday ).
    Next week its back to top end tenor …AGAIN !!
    This discipline will probably see me through this year. It has always been my weakest…[Read more]

  • William, glad to cyber meet you at last. I’m glad you weathered the storms….
    That’s a very classical medely….rounded off with ” Sweet Caroline “…. Nice touch !!
    Did you get your choice of reeds sorted out ?
    I know you’ve been really into these hemp & onyx reeds ??
    I did see a mail off of Johnny, I guess a new batch of reeds has come…[Read more]

  • If you are in the UK ” Sky cinema “….6.00 pm.
    Briefly, man am I glad I kept the Lawton….it sounds great !! ☺☺
    Have a safe & happy day folks..

  • Johnny ….you are DA MAN !!
    Feeling good today, thanks to the support of my friends.
    Tomorrow is the start of another working week. Look after Mum, practice, and look in here…..
    Everything else will unfold in its own time.
    Going to watch the Chet Baker movie later with Mum…” Born to be blue “….
    Looking forward to that…
    One…[Read more]

  • Thanks Johnny ; didn’t I say a while back I don’t say that enough ….man, you have brought together a truly close bunch of great people.
    My apologies if necessary for bringing personal issues onto a sax forum, but man I’ve been down over this.
    I think you only have to look at the replies….
    It was worth it…☺☺

  • Thankyou very much Mel; it means a lot…☺

  • The ” its all good ” came off of a Dylan album.
    One of the last three Jeff mentioned…
    The second I think..
    ” Modern times “…. The first ( with the beautiful ” Workingman’s b!ues ”
    I think ” Together through Life ” was the second…
    The third slips me right now…

    I have a huge respect for Leonard Cohen. The guy had retired; only to wake up…[Read more]

  • Sxpoet, that’s great. A really good attitude and similar to mine. ” the boring bits “…. LOL !!
    My altissimo practice is referred to as ” the squeaky bits ” and are not popular….
    As much as I explain its necessity complete with you tube shots of Lenny Pickett….
    ” can you p!ay Moon River “….
    ” what again ? ”
    ” or the other nice one “…
    “…[Read more]

  • OK folks…THANKYOU !!
    I really don’t want to drag this out but man am I glad I mentioned it….
    Your empathy has been wonderful….
    Just thinking, being a ” musician ” is a long road. No pension plans, no assurance…
    BUT….a day at a time…
    Time to try to see the cup as still half full; the bills are paid…the larder is full…
    I’m just…[Read more]

  • Thankyou everybody !!
    Give it a while and I’ll be back. So glad I mentioned it. I kept going off on tangents, comment on this , that , anything…
    I’m a lot calmer now; ready to do what it takes to work through all this…
    Take care..
    Speak soon….

  • Jeff, Beverly…. Thankyou !!
    I’ve got it off my chest and although down am dealing with things….
    Thankyou all for taking the time to post these messages….it means a lot …

  • Guys , I’m choked honestly. I didn’t know whether to post all stuff on here….its a sax site .
    Now I know I did the right thing. For years Sxpoet I’ve had dealings with people who are only interested in $$$ !!
    All that you guys have said has reinforced my belief that there are some very genuine people about; a beleif that has been tried to…[Read more]

  • jak Swift replied to the topic Leo P in the forum Share a Saxophone Video 2 days, 6 hours ago

    Sxpoet, good luck with the painting course….
    I don’t know if I ever mentioned my Pop Tony Swift was an artist. He went to the Royal Academy , London…1950 54…
    He passed away far too young…I miss him every day.
    Being a teenager and getting into music seems so long ago now, but I guess that is where I got the ” artistic gene ”
    Be great to…[Read more]

  • The good lady has just come downstairs…
    To be told ” I don’t know what I’d do without you “… has really touched me…
    Sxpoet, yeah man, I’ll stay sharp, stay strong, and again thank you all for your friendship….
    Speak sometime in the future….
    Take care of each other….
    Best always…jak😢

  • It didn’t seem right to just close my ” page ” here, without some kind of explanation…..
    I really need some ” quiet time “…see how things turn out…
    I know this is all a little personal, but I don’t mind, if you don’t…
    I will keep looking in, but as I say , I don’t participate in Johnny’s courses. Its been fabulous having a good laugh, a…[Read more]

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