The Best Are Back & Better Than Ever! Authentic Guardala Classic and New Designs

Dave Guardala Changed Saxophone Mouthpiece Making Forever

Johnny Ferreira

In the 1980’s Dave Guardala raised the bar for the saxophone mouthpiece industry. Working closely with one of our greatest jazz saxophonists Michael Brecker, Guardala took his new creative ideas to the more precise, never before used CNC (Computer Numerical Control Milling Machine) which had never been used prior to this in the industry. It opened the doors to a previously unheard level of precision in mouthpiece-making technology.

I purchased my first Guardala MB mouthpiece from Dave in 1990, the 2nd one, a Guardala King a few years later and have been using these exclusively ever since.

Since Dave got away from the business these mouthpieces have been heavily sought after and selling privately and on eBay for prices reaching up to and above $2000 USD.

Say Hello to Guardala Reborn

Master craftsman Nadir from Germany has now not only perfected Dave’s original models, but has given us more models of his own cre4ation. His Fusion mouthpiece for example is a combination of several Guardala models and sounds and plays beautifully.

I bought my original Guardala MBI and King models from Dave way back around 1990 and have recently added 2 of Nadir’s models to my collection: MBII and MBII Fatboy. Not only do these mouthpieces play as easily and beautifully as the originals but they give even more in projection and tone.

I recorded a video review testing all 4 mouthpieces mentioned above:

Guardala MBI

Available only for Tenor in Handmade Gold

gold  $785 USD (Hand Made Master Enhanced)

The MBI model is the exact replica of the mouthpiece that Dave Guardala made for Michael Brecker. It incorporates a moderately high baffle with a large bore.

It’s not as bright as the Studio Model but brighter than the Traditional Model. It’s ideal and suited for any kind of contemporary pop, blues, rock and jazz.

Guardala MBII

Available only for Tenor in Silver or Gold

gold plated $520 USD
silver plated $440 USD

Has a tip opening of 114”. This mouthpiece is a hybrid of the Studio and the original Guardala Michael Brecker model. It has the high baffle of the Studio model with the large bore of the original Brecker model. This makes it easier to get more volume and brightness in your sound. It’s great for any kind of contemporary pop, blues, rock and jazz playing.

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Guardala MB II “FATBOY”

Available only for Tenor in Silver or Gold

gold plated $565 USD
silver plated $490 USD

Original Chamber ( 8* or 0.116″ ) FATBOY mouthpieces are fatter than the original made by Dave Guardala. It’s elliptical shape allows the mouthpiece to have a larger size, with a lesser increase of weight. The resulting size/weight ratio is the only way of producing a “BALANCED SOUND” with a mouthpiece larger than Dave’s original 1980’s model.

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Guardala King – R&B

Available for Alto and Tenor in Silver or Gold

gold plated $520 USD
silver  plated $440 USD

This is the second brightest and compact of the Alto models. It’s designed to reproduce the sound of King Curtis, the king of rock and roll and R&B sax. This mouthpiece incorporates a high baffle with a small chamber. This mouthpiece can be used for the same types of Music as the SuperKing/ R&B. For players who are acquainted with high baffle small bore mouthpieces, it can be used for Mainstream Bebop, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock & Roll and Contemporary/Pop.

Studio “FATBOY” For Alto

Available only for Alto in Gold or Silver with 6* or 7* tip opening

gold plated $565 USD
silver plated $490 USD

The FATBOY models are bigger than the Dave Guardala’s original mouthpieces. The elliptical shape allows the mouthpiece to have a larger size, with a lesser increase in weight. The resulting size/weight ratio is the only way of producing a “BALANCED SOUND” with a mouthpiece larger than the original Dave Guardala Mouthpiece.

Alto sax only Studio Fatboy LT Handfinished and Handmade by Nadir Ibrahimoglu . Tip openings #6 (078) and  #7 (086)

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Accessories Included With Your New Guardala Mouthpiece:

guardala-mp-lig-fullIncluded with your Guardala Mouthpiece:

  • carrying bag
  • ligature
  • mouthpiece cap
  • mouthpiece rubber guard

A Few Customer Comments…

… THANK YOU JOHNNY!!! IT IS SWEET! I played in the low register first and I was amazed immediately at how nice the tone is.  I never would have believed it would be so free blowing. Low Bb sounds easy and better than any other MP I have played.
WOW.  All I can say is get one! You were right – the search for the ultimate MP is finally over.
– Dazza, Australia (MBII)
… Just got the new MB2 Fatboy [Tenor]. The craftsmanship looks great…the tip and rails look clean, symmetrical and consistent. This mpc projects! I often play un-miked, so this will easily fill any venue I’ve played in thus far. For me, this is a free blowing mpc, with great response. The horn responds nicely, including the sometimes problematic [for me] lower register.

– Nick, USA (MBII Fatboy)

… Johnny! LOVE the new mouthpiece! I’ve only been playing 11 months now, but it is VERY easy to blow! Easier than my Yanigisawa metal mouthpiece!  I instantly noticed a more rattley/raspy sound! Whoever I tried to growl… Oh man it popped!  Thanks for turning me on to this!

– Shane, USA (MBII Fatboy)

… I’m finally playing my tenor fatboy!!! … really feel this is my mouthpiece now! My shiva that I was previously playing is gonna hit the auction block with about 10 other pieces I have accumulated. This thing is the real deal!!! Also the lig is a fantastic match with it.
– Jake, USA (MBII Fatboy)
… Hi Johnny. been playing my new MB2 FatBoy mouthpiece. It plays similar to my Dukoff but better. Better sound easier to play better range deeper tone and easier in the altissimo range. Should have ordered one years ago
– Rick, Canada (MBII Fatboy)
… My Fatboy arrived today, April 26. Sounds great. is easier to play and I can play it softer, not so loud and then I can blow it very loud. The Fatboy wins 1st chair in the orchestra. Thanks for everything Johnny.
– William, USA (MBII Fatboy)