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    Good advice Jeff

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    jak Swift

    I haven’t read it, I will do. On a rare occasion the last thing I want to see is a saxophone. This last coupla days, I haven’t played a note, otherwise I play daily for average four hours, good day six. Most days its going through the motions, keeping your chops in check. Some days you play better than others. On a rare day you’ll play far ahead of were you are at. On a rare day you don’t want to know. On a personal level that’s because I’m not happy with a mpc. or for a few weeks although I know improvement is a constant and even after thirty years can still be checked day by day, I’m on this plateau. THAT IS THE BEST time to practice. I put somewhere before , the reason I have come to this site is because although this site is rooted on the basic principals, the fact that there are no weak keys, the style of playing is about attitude. So, you practice with this conviction that the attitude you hear, you can play. Man, I’m getting real bored of my own waffling. Thanks again for the clips Mel. Shows how out of touch I am when I don’t recognize such a hard hitter. Does it matter ? Take it easy and I’ll keep y’ all posted when I find out shat goes down with the horn. Easy…jak

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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