Saxophone Lessons

Here are your free video saxophone lessons:

video lessons starting from putting your sax together thru to getting your first sounds and fingerings

starts with proper embouchure and mouthpiece and of course the right breathing technique

fingering exercises to develop speed, a metronome trick and more

learn some good saxophone tunes and practice them with backing tracks

learn how to improvise over blues and rock with these basic 5 note scales

which saxophone, mouthpiece, reeds?

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saxophone-lessonsHi, I’m Johnny Ferreira, a professional saxophonist who’s been performing and recording for over 25 years now.

But this How To Play Saxophone site was not intended to be about me, but about you and what you can learn here to either start learning how to play the saxophone or, if you’ve been playing a little already, how you can make noticeable advancements on your tone, technique, and improvisation skills.

Where To Start

Have a look at the different saxophone lessons which can be linked to from the above gold colored content box. If you’re a true beginner start with the first link “Beginner’s Start Here”. The first lesson there shows how to take your saxophone out of it’s caseā€¦ it doesn’t get any more beginner-oriented than that!

Moving on you’ll find very important and quality lessons on how to improve your technique, tone and other saxophone tips as the lessons move along.

Also check the Blog for more lessons, information and some of our member’s own saxophone performance videos which are commented on for the player’s benefit and improvement.

Introduce yourself in the Forum as we have members from all over the world. Go ahead and ask questions there as well.

Saxophone Sheet Music and Backing Tracks

We’re building a nice collection of saxophone music which includes both alto and tenor sheet music. These downloads come with an audio mp3 backing track to make the songs more fun to learn and also improve your musicianship at the same time.

Premium and Specific Saxophone Instruction

Below are links for this site containing more saxophone lesson eBooks and courses dealing with specific saxophone instruction such as blues and rock improvisation and complete saxophone learning course for the beginner.

How To Play The Saxophone – A Complete Beginners Guide

How To Play The Saxophone - a Complete Beginner's Guide

A Johnny Ferreira eBook course that’s selling around the world through Amazon and is also available here. What is it? As the title says, a complete beginners guide on how to play the saxophone. The student goes from the very beginning right through to reading music and playing complete songs to backing tracks which are also included.

How To Play Killer Blues and Rockin’ Sax Solos With 7 Notes or Less

ebook_coverA Johnny Ferreira eBook course that’s selling around the world through Amazon and is also available here. What is it? A step-by-step guide showing you how to prepare yourself to be able to improvise rock and blues solos to backing tracks and with a band.

Do you want to master that really high range of the saxophone known as the Altissimo Register?


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